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Enter Keywords for the Job Titles and Job Descriptions you would like to see. Keywords are words, phrases, and terms that you can enter to describe educational and professional experiences, skills, and company names. They will be used to search for Jobs containing those words in their Descriptions. By typing in various Keywords, you will maximize your chances of retrieving Jobs that most accurately match your search.

Example: Fresher, Java, Programming, J2ee, Marketing manager online Hyderabad, Service Manager Bank Delhi, Telesales BPO outbound, etc.

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Type in the closest city that you are looking for a job in.
ex: Pune, Noida. If you are not particular about the location – choose Any Location.

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Give a numeral like 1, 4, 8 etc. Do NOT  type in with decimals  like 1.5 etc. If you are in the IT industry for a shorter duration than your entire work experience, and looking for a job in IT industry, then give the no. of years of experience in IT industry specifically.

Example: If you have a total of 8 years experience, but have been in the IT industry only for the last four years- then type 4 in the box.
Job Type:
Company Jobs are those posted by corporates, who are trying to fill in positions for their own requirements.
Placement Agencies Jobs are those posted by consultants or agencies who have been hired by corporates to fill their requirements. Choose All option for seeing the maximum number of results.

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